Max C12 Self-inking Stamp 10mm Circle

We can offer custom hand stamps in custom and stock stamp images in both UV ink and traditional rubber and self inking stamp inks. We can manufacture you a custom hand stamp with your logo or text, not only is this a great way to control your entry or readmission problems the hand stamp is also a cheap way to advertise your club, event or show.

Available in UV Blue or UV neon green, pink, yellow and orange. traditional hand stamp inks available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Violet or orange ink.

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Hot Tip: Be Sure to use different stamp pad colours or rare coloured stamp ink to prevent fraud.

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Welcome to Nightclub Stamps Our aim is to supply you the right self inking custom hand stamps at the right price to suit your needs. From an UV hand stamp to a nightclub logo stamp or a hand stamp with custom text. As well as the traditional hand stamp colours we offer UV stamps in UV blue,
neon orange, yellow, green or pink and of course we do the torches and lamps for your staff to identify who you have hand stamped.
Second to none for customer service, custom hand stamp or stock hand stamp orders placed before 10am are dispatched same day. Why not
or give us a call for a competitive price.

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Self-inking Stamp
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Self-inking Stamp
18 x18mm Square
26 x10mm Rectangular
Self-inking Stamp

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Featured Hand Stamp C12


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UV Hand Stamps now available in UV Neon Pink, Green, Orange & Yellow

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